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Roger Goodell comments on NFL appealing ‘Sunday Ticket’ verdict to pay over $4.7 billion in class damages

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Last month, a federal judge ordered the NFL to pay $4.7 billion in residential class damages and $96 million in commercial class damages in the NFL “Sunday Ticket” case. After the jury found the league violated antitrust laws, with over 2.4 million customers paying an increased rate for the product for out-of-market games, the league announced it would appeal the decision.

The hearing will be on July 31 and the NFL will appeal to the 9th Circuit. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell commented on the appeal and where the league stands in the case, which was originally filed in 2015.

“Well, we obviously disagree with the jury verdict and we are committed obviously to following the legal process,” Goodell told CNBC, via Pro Football Talk. “It’s a long process. We’re aware of that, but we feel very strongly about our position, our policies, particularly on media, that we make our — our sport available to the broadest possible audience. ‘Sunday Ticket’ is just a complimentary product. So we’re committed to following the litigation, all the way and making sure that we get this right.”

The plaintiffs are arguing that the league worked with network partners to inflate the price of the product and say it is unaffordable to most fans. The NFL is arguing that the price reflects what fans are getting from “Sunday Ticket,” saying it is a premium product.

The case includes around 2.5 million people, according to the AP, with residential and commercial customers from 2012 to 2022. 

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